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January 11, 2018

On January 31st, Let’s Talk

Use Bell Let’s Talk Day to support conversations about mental health with your students


According to the Bell Let’s Talk initiative, one in five Canadians will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lifetime, with approximately two-thirds of these individuals avoiding seeking help due to stigma. Since September 2010, the Bell Let’s Talk initiative has been dedicated towards moving mental health forward in Canada and reducing the stigma associated with mental health.


January 31st, 2018 is Bell Let’s Talk Day, where various social media will be used to spread awareness of mental health and raise funds to support mental health initiatives. Follow the Bell Let’s Talk initiative on Twitter here, Instagram here, and Facebook here. On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Bell will contribute 5¢ for every text and call on the Bell network; for every use of the #BellLetsTalk hashtag in posts on social media; for every view of the Bell Let’s Talk Day video on Facebook; and for every use of the Bell Let’s Talk Day geofilter on Snapchat.

In addition to raising funds, the Bell Let’s Talk initiative provides an opportunity to talk about mental health and its associated stigma with your students. Through a guided conversation, you can discuss and bring awareness to the importance of positive mental health. The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre provides supports, tools and curriculum guides to support school professionals in promoting positive mental health and is available here. The Positive Mental Health Toolkit from the Joint Consortium for School Health consists of 5 modules to promote positive mental health practices and perspectives within the school environment and is available here. To find other resources related to positive mental health, visit the Healthy Schools BC website here.

A toolkit and conversation guide and free downloadable resources from the Bell Let’s Talk website can be found here. The Bell Let’s Talk initiative has also suggested five simple ways to start a conversation to support ending the stigma around mental health, which can be accessed here.

You can find out more about Bell Let’s Talk Day here.

January 11, 2018

2017 Quality Daily Physical Education Conference

Having fun learning new skills to support students with their physical education and their health and wellness


In October, DASH attended the 2017 Quality Daily Physical Education Conference at Douglas College, hosted by the Douglas College Sports Institute and Physical Education British Columbia (PE-BC). At this conference, DASH staff took part in two sessions facilitated by Action Schools! BC that supported integrating creative physical activity and healthy eating activities into the classroom, school and school community.

The first session was the Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Combo Workshop. In this session, participants discussed the concept of school wellness and the different aspects of health – physical, social, emotional, mental, intellectual, spiritual, environmental and occupational – and the effect they have on school connectedness. Also discussed were the various ways that school wellness, physical activity, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles could be promoted to students, staff, families and the wider community. Finally, there was time allotted for dialogue, stories, tips and suggestions to be shared amongst educators participating in the session regarding school-based physical activity and healthy eating actions, which made for a very informative and engaging session.

The second session was the Physical Activity Workshop, which was designed to reflect the new BC curriculum. Various physical education activities were set up, including individual activities, activities with partners and activities with groups. These activities ranged from those using no equipment to those using school gym equipment such as beanbags, balls and hula hoops. Educators participating in the session had the chance to partake in these activities which were fun and provided a great workout. Educators were also supported to implement lessons focused on physical literacy skills, fundamental movement skills, social-emotional learning, teamwork skills and thinking skills, among others and were encouraged to use these activities in their own classrooms and schools.

DASH gained a wealth of knowledge regarding physical activity and healthy eating at this conference and encourages all efforts by teachers, educators and other school staff to promote health and well-being throughout their schools. For resources related to health and well-being for use in the school environment, visit the Healthy Schools BC website here and the Action Schools! BC website here.

You can learn more about the 2017 Quality Daily Physical Education Conference here.

January 11, 2018

Action Schools! BC Mentoring

Building skills to confidently incorporate physical literacy and food literacy into your classroom and school


Educators know that skills are developed over time, with new skills built on existing ones. The Action Schools! BC hands-on mentoring program uses that approach to build the skills of classroom educators, supporting them to confidently incorporate physical literacy and food literacy in their classrooms and schools. 


Flexible Mentorship Opportunities:


Available to teachers within schools that have completed an action plan, the physical literacy and food literacy mentorships bring in experienced mentors to work with teachers to identify specific learning priorities and provide multi-session job-embedded training. 


The Physical Literacy Mentoring program provides teachers with four sessions of hands-on training. It aims to build confidence by building skills through coaching and facilitation, and by providing targeted support, guidance, tools and resources to implement the new Physical and Health Education curriculum.  


The Food Literacy Mentoring program provides schools with two hands-on sessions. It supports school teams to take a whole school approach to food literacy within their school environment with an overall goal of supporting healthy eating. Sessions can be held within or outside of the school day. 


Please email to find out how you can participate in the mentoring program. 

Host a Free Workshop on Your Professional Development Day:


Action Schools! BC workshops support building skill and confidence to support physical activity and healthy eating in your classroom and school. Aligned with BC’s new curriculum, they provide hands-on, interactive professional learning, and are facilitated by skilled trainers. Action Schools! BC instructional examples are used to support educators to confidently integrate physical activity and healthy eating into their practice. At 2-3 hours in length, the workshops are perfect for your Professional Development Day programming. Three workshops are currently being offered: 

  1. Healthy Eating Workshop
  2. Physical Activity Workshop
  3. Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Combination Workshop


Workshops are free and are available to all BC K-7 schools. Please email for more information or click here to schedule a workshop today.


Help Students Learn to Stay Healthy!


Action Schools! BC promotes healthy living through supporting teachers and schools to engage more deeply in physical activity and healthy eating through multiple supports, including workshopsaction planningmentoring and free web-based resources. To learn how you can participate, or for more information, please email or click here to learn more.

January 11, 2018

ArtStarts Artists in the Classroom Directory

Connect with professional artists to create memorable learning experiences for your students


The ArtStarts Artists in the Classroom Directory helps connect you with professional artists that can come into classrooms and schools across BC to work with students. These individuals work in a variety of artistic disciplines, are skilled in their craft and have a specific interest in working with children and youth. Collaborate with an artist today to create memorable learning experiences for you and your students.

The directory is easy to use and can be searched by the artist's name, the discipline they work in, the languages they speak or the region in which they live and/or work. Once you have found the artist that you wish to work with, you are able to contact them directly through the contact information provided on their website. If there is no contact information provided, email Laura Aliaga at

The goal of the directory is to provide a comprehensive list of artists available to work in classrooms and schools in every region of BC for use by teachers, educators and other school staff. Access the ArtStarts Artists in the Classroom Directory here.

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