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January 11, 2018

Action Schools! BC Mentoring

Building skills to confidently incorporate physical literacy and food literacy into your classroom and school


Educators know that skills are developed over time, with new skills built on existing ones. The Action Schools! BC hands-on mentoring program uses that approach to build the skills of classroom educators, supporting them to confidently incorporate physical literacy and food literacy in their classrooms and schools. 


Flexible Mentorship Opportunities:


Available to teachers within schools that have completed an action plan, the physical literacy and food literacy mentorships bring in experienced mentors to work with teachers to identify specific learning priorities and provide multi-session job-embedded training. 


The Physical Literacy Mentoring program provides teachers with four sessions of hands-on training. It aims to build confidence by building skills through coaching and facilitation, and by providing targeted support, guidance, tools and resources to implement the new Physical and Health Education curriculum.  


The Food Literacy Mentoring program provides schools with two hands-on sessions. It supports school teams to take a whole school approach to food literacy within their school environment with an overall goal of supporting healthy eating. Sessions can be held within or outside of the school day. 


Please email to find out how you can participate in the mentoring program. 

Host a Free Workshop on Your Professional Development Day:


Action Schools! BC workshops support building skill and confidence to support physical activity and healthy eating in your classroom and school. Aligned with BC’s new curriculum, they provide hands-on, interactive professional learning, and are facilitated by skilled trainers. Action Schools! BC instructional examples are used to support educators to confidently integrate physical activity and healthy eating into their practice. At 2-3 hours in length, the workshops are perfect for your Professional Development Day programming. Three workshops are currently being offered: 

  1. Healthy Eating Workshop
  2. Physical Activity Workshop
  3. Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Combination Workshop


Workshops are free and are available to all BC K-7 schools. Please email for more information or click here to schedule a workshop today.


Help Students Learn to Stay Healthy!


Action Schools! BC promotes healthy living through supporting teachers and schools to engage more deeply in physical activity and healthy eating through multiple supports, including workshopsaction planningmentoring and free web-based resources. To learn how you can participate, or for more information, please email or click here to learn more.

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